The University has more information about financial hardship support here. 

College Awards for Hardship


These are limited funds available for students experiencing unanticipated hardship 

Please speak to your Tutor if you wish to apply. 

Applications are made via the Travel and Hardship Application Form together with the Student Budget Planner and other supporting documents.  

Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Fund


Financial assistance for undergraduate studentsIf you wish to apply for this fund, please contact your Tutor. The deadline for applications is the division of each term.  

Further information can be found here. 

The Arie Hector Gurevich Award


The Arie Hector Gurevich Award(s) will be supported by monthly donations from Mr Tal Gurevich from 1 July 2022.

The first award of £500 will be made in the Lent term of 2023 and thereafter two awards will be made each year (or one of £1,000).

The award(s) will be made to a student at St Edmund’s College who is studying a STEM subject and is facing financial hardship or requires funds for travel or research.

The recipient(s) of the award(s) will write a report, which will be provided to Tal Gurevich and his family. The report may also be included in College communications.

Applications for The Arie Hector Gurevich Award can be made here:  Student Support Award application

Postgraduate Hardship Fund


Financial assistance for postgraduate students and students on diploma courses. If you wish to apply for this fund, please contact your Tutor.   

Further information, including deadlines and an application form, can be found here. 

Exceptional Student Hardship Fund


Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are intermitting (and have no other sources of financial support) may apply, as well as current students experiencing unexpected financial hardship. Funds of up £1000 are provided.  

Applications should only be made once all other sources have been explored, or when other hardship funds have been exhausted.  

If you wish to apply for this Fund, please talk to your tutor in the first instance. 

For more information, please see the University website. The application form can be found here.  

Medical Expenses


The Crane’s Charity provides financial assistance to members of the University who need treatment for physical or mental illness and who can demonstrate financial need. If you wish to make an application, please contact your Tutor.  

More information and an application form can be found here. 

Diagnostic Assessments for Specific Learning Difficulties


If you have a suspected specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia) and are experiencing difficulty meeting the costs of diagnostic assessments, please contact your Tutor.  

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