How do I register to graduate?

Registration is via CamSIS. If your Raven account has expired, you can register by choosing CamSIS Extended Self-Service option.

It is your responsibility to confirm all the necessary arrangements have been made with the College before notifying family and friends and the College cannot be held accountable for any disappointed travel or accommodation arrangements.

Please note that the graduation ceremonies on 30th April and 21st May, 2022 are now full and the College cannot present any more graduands in person on these dates.

Registration for graduation at General Admission (for undergraduates only) is now open on CamSiS. Registration for graduation on 23rd July will open on 1st May, 2022. The maximum number of graduands we can present in person at these ceremonies is 64 and it may be that you are unable to graduate if this number has registered before you.

Please check that your contact details (email, telephone and mailing address) are up to date. Your CRSid email will deactivate shortly after you course completion, so please provide an alternative. These details will be used for correspondence before and after you graduate, including mailing your official transcript to you after graduation.

When will upcoming graduation ceremonies be held?

A full list of graduation dates can be found here.

How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?

Undergraduate students

Assessment results will need to have been processed before you can graduate.

The College will not put you forward for graduation if you have not settled your College and University bills. You can check your account by contacting our Student Finance Officer, Lu Li, by email at

Postgraduate students

The College must have received confirmation of approval for your degree from the Board of Graduate Studies. Please check with your department when your Degree Committee will approve your degree.

The College will not put you forward for graduation if you have not settled your College and University bills.

I am a PhD student due to graduate, what do need to do?

You will need to check that your Degree Committee is meeting and if any corrections post viva will be done in time. Both the hard-bound and electronic copies of your thesis must be submitted at least 10 days before the degree ceremony you wish to attend.

For more information regarding the final submission of your thesis, please click here.

Am I eligible to graduate at General Admission?

General Admission is when most undergraduates are awarded their first degrees. The College will contact you if you are eligible to graduate at General Admission.

General Admission is restricted to the following degrees:

B.A / MMath with BA / M.Eng with BA / MSci with BA / Vet. M.B. / Mus.B / B.Th.

The M.B. is not awarded at General Admission. The earliest this can be conferred is at the ordinary congregation in July. 

When will I become eligible for the M.A.?

If you graduated with a B.A. degree, you will be eligible for the M.A. six years after matriculation. You must have also held your BA degree for at least two years.

If you are an affiliate student, you will become eligible for the M.A. five years after matriculation.

You can sign up to a congregation ceremony on CamSIS. If your Raven account has expired, you can register via the CamSIS Extended Self-Service option.

For more information on the M.A. contact Jess Bartley (Praelector’s Secretary) at

What is graduating in absence/absentia?

Graduating in absence/absentia is when you have your degree awarded without attending a ceremony in person. After the ceremony has taken place, your official transcript and degree certificate will be posted to you.

If you choose to have your degree awarded ‘in absence’, you cannot then proceed to have that degree awarded ‘in person’ at a subsequent ceremony.

The University is currently unable to facilitate virtual ceremonies for those who graduate in absence. Candidates who opt to have their degree awarded ‘in absence’ at ceremonies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will be invited to attend an alternative ceremony at the Senate House as soon as it is safe to do so. Please see here for more COVID-19 updates regarding graduation. 

Can I have my degree certificate and official transcript emailed to me?

The University does not email PDF copies of degree certificates and official transcripts for authenticity reasons. However, the University does provide a service that allows you to share documents online with other organisations, such as employers or educational institutions. Further information is available here.

Can I provide advice on how to pronounce my name?

You are welcome to send the Praelector’s Secretary advice on how to pronounce your name, by emailing at least three days before your ceremony. This is so that your details can be passed on to Student Registry in time for your ceremony.

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