Registering with a Doctor (GP)

You must register with a Cambridge GP. The nearest medical practice to College is the Huntingdon Road Surgery.

More details of local medical and dental practices can be found at the National Health Service website.

NHS Cambridgeshire also has a useful guide to student health services in the region.

Contacting The College Nurse?

Please note that our College Nurse, Taryn Rothwell, is available during Term time only.

Taryn will be offering either via video or face to face. You can email Taryn to arrange an appointment at

Social distancing measures remain in place so please wear a face covering if attending a face-to-face appointment. If you have a fever or other covid signs or symptoms will firstly need to do a video consultation so that triage can be undertaken.

In specific cases, face-to-face consultation may be offered after discussion over video or phone. 

The College Health Centre

Please do not come to the Health Centre without a pre-booked appointment as Taryn may be busy seeing other students during this time. No drop-in sessions are provided.

The Health Centre is located on the ground floor of the Norfolk Building. Please arrive promptly and call 01223 336090 upon arrival. The Nurse will then meet you.

To enter the Health Centre, you must:  

  • Wear a face mask (if you do not have one, please make the Nurse aware before your appointment)  
  • Clean your hands with the sanitizer provided by the door to the Health Centre
  • Have your temperature taken by the Nurse

Please do not visit the Health Centre if you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus. If you are displaying symptoms, please go back to your room and let the College Reception know. Do not go to Reception in person. 

Please become familiar with the government guidelines:

Cambridge University also provides information:

St Edmunds Health Centre opening times (term time only): new times to be changed to the following:

St Edmunds: 

Monday :     09:15-11:15 

Tuesday:     12:40-14:40 

Wednesday: 08:30:12:30 

Thursday:    12:40-14:40 

Friday :        09:20-11:20 

Where can I access out of hours medical assistance?

First aid: contact your own GP surgery or Reception on 01223 336250

If you GP surgery is closed: contact NHS 111 (the NHS 24hr health advice line)

Life-threatening emergencies: call 999

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