Here is some guidance on how best to communicate with staff and Fellows within College.

How to contact your academic advisers

Your tutor, supervisors, and Director of Studies will contact you directly when you begin your studies. Individual academics, and Faculties/Departments will work in different ways, so be prepared to use email, MS Teams, Google Classroom, or other platforms as you are invited to.

How to contact the College administration team

Many administrative questions are answered on the College website ( If your question is not answered, or if you need to report a problem, here is how to contact each department in College. (Please do NOT message staff using MS Teams or using their individual email addresses, unless invited to do so by the staff member directly.) Unfortunately it is not currently possible to visit members of staff in their offices, or to call most staff, due to Covid-19 restrictions and working from home.

If you have contacted a College department but have been unable to resolve your query, please talk to your Tutor.


For any instant issues or emergencies; if you are not sure whom to contact, 01223 336250

Report an incident

If you need to report an incident in College

Submit an incident report online:

Maintenance team

If there is a problem with your room or with a College building

Submit a maintenance ticket online:

Accommodation office

Questions about your room contract, or to enquire about moving into College accommodation

Housekeeping team

Questions about your room cleaning


For feedback or to ask questions


Questions about the College grounds, fire safety, health and safety

IT support

Submit an IT support ticket online:

Finance office

Questions about your College invoice, fees etc

Tutorial office

For administrative questions about your course or student status, where you don’t need guidance from your tutor

Covid testing

If you have questions about the asymptomatic testing programme or test & release

Tier 4 students

If you have a question about your Tier 4 visa

Graduation and matriculation queries

For any questions about matriculation or graduation which are not answered on the College website


If you have any news to share in the weekly internal newsletter, submit an item online: