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Members are asked to note the various customs associated with formal dining at the College

  • Diners are free to speak any language of their choice in the Dining Hall but should seek to include those around them in their conversations.
  • Academic gowns are to be worn at all Formal dinners, except the Sports Dinner.
  • On no occasion should wine be brought into the Dining Hall.
  • Smoking and photography are never permitted in the Dining Hall during dinner, although photography is allowed at the end of the meal after the Master and their guests have left the Dining Hall.
  • Mobile phones, laptops and tablets should be switched off before entering the Dining Hall.
  • Guests should try to avoid leaving their seats for the duration of the meal. Movement of people can interrupt the catering staff who are serving others. Your fellow guests may also be left alone without conversation for a period of time. Diners are encouraged to use the toilets before being seated for dinner. 
  • Before the meal diners should congregate in the Garden Room at 19:00hrs for pre-dinner drinks and once the bell is sounded should follow the Master, or presiding Fellow, into the Hall at the invitation of the Butler.
  • At the end of the meal, after the post cibum Grace has been read, the Master and their guests leave, followed by the Vice-Master and their guests; then the Fellow Stewards encourage all others on the Master’s table to leave. When the Master’s table is clear, the Dean leaves with their guests, followed by the Fellows heading the other tables, accompanied by their guests, if they have any. All other guests then leave.

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