Below you can see a list of offers alumni of the College have made to support students. For more information please quote the relevant text and e-mail Gordon Chesterman the Careers Tutor (gc214). He will then help to connect you with the relevant opportunity.

Advice on Theatre
Mentor 1-2 students in Development, Diplomacy, or International Relations
Advice on pharmaceutical industry
Advice on brand management
Advice for those wishing to be barristers in Ireland
Advices on careers in data & machine learning
Guidance on careers in academia, especially Business Schools
Advice to Vet students
Advice on careers as an artist
Advice on Consultancy
Advice on International Law, the Bar, and Academia
Advice on the English legal profession
Advice on careers in the UN and NGOs
Internships for Mexico-based Mexicans; advice on the UK Foreign Office for UK nationals; advice for aspiring diplomats (from anywhere)
Advice for those wishing to work in the Persian Gulf
Advice on the agri-food industry, as well as crop biotech, plant breeding, and global food supply logistics
Advice on the creative industries
Advice on the Bar, the Criminal Bench, and Intellectual Property
Advice on nuclear industry
Advice on careers in academia and science museums
Advice to Vet students
Advice on careers in technology
Advice to German law students about being a judge and about administrative courts
Advice on the Energy Industry
Guidance on careers in academia
Recruiting two new associates at Highland Europe; advice to students interested in venture capital or technology generally
Advice on careers in government
Advice on careers in architecture
Advice on careers as a writer
Advice to those with an interest in Latin American Economic History, or those with a desire to visit universities in Latin America
Advice on careers in business, law, mediation, and US company boards
Careers as a priest and providing chaplaincy
Advice on pharmaceutical industry
Offer of any or all of the sessions below by Webinar for free for St Edmunds.
1 Weekly Commercial Awareness sessions (approx. 20 – 30 minutes each)
2 One off sessions (45 mins each):
“Dealing with Competency Questions”
“ Dealing with Strength Based Questions”
“Dealing with C.V. Questions”
3  Open Forum Careers/Application advice for Finance, Law, Consultancy (45 mins)
Advice on careers as a writer
Advice on family businesses; early stage and venture capital investing; public equity investing; managing family offices; commodities trading; textiles machinery distribution; and India.
Advice on careers in Law and academia
Advice on careers as a tech entrepreneur or an investor
Advice on careers in teaching, and hands on teaching experience of Classics and Latin
Advice to students in Islamic Studies
Advice to engineers with an interest in overseas development
Willing to share experience in technology with law
Advice on careers in psychology and in journalism
Advice on careers in technology, innovation, and research
Recruiting FinTech market research positions and internships at the Judge Business School. Happy to advise on careers in Fintech.
Advice on careers in the UN
Careers in non-profits, and environment and sustainability
Advice on careers in technology, telecoms, retail, and mobile services
Willing to talk to about a research career: PhD, Post-docs,
experience in Canada, Cambridge, Oxford, London, Barcelona, fellowships, Master’s degrees, research projects, extra curricular activities, engagement with society
Advice on non-academic careers in biotech
Advice on communications, leadership, psychology
Advice to Social Anthropologists
Advice on careers in international relations, international development, think-tanks and academia. Company offers several paid internships per year.
Advice on research careers in Immunology
Advice to students about quant funds; potential researcher positions in Singapore and South Korea
Advice on careers and entrepreneurship in healthcare and life sciences; and transition from UK to USA
Advice on establishing a start-up
Advice on social media influencers and online content creation
Advice based on career as a VR Writer and Director
Advice on careers as a professional musician and in opera
Advice on careers in management consulting, private equity, startups, and venture capital
Advice on careers in Communications and in Journalism
Advice on careers in Neurosurgery and Medicine
Hiring a research assistant with a background in Maths for some summer work
Advice on careers in Banking
Advice on the Energy Industry
Advice on establishing a start-up
Advice on careers in private equity
Advice in legal careers post LLM and on PhD applications
Advice on careers in Engineering & Motorsport