The University has useful information relating to exams here, including what to do on the day. 

Contact your Tutor if you have any questions. 

How do I register onto exams?

  • The Tutorial Office will email you if you need to self-enrol during Michaelmas Term. 
  • Discuss your choices with your Director of Studies (DoS) in advance. 
  • Enrol online via CamSIS Self-Service. 
  • You will be asked by the Tutorial Office to verify your choices during Lent Term. 

    Contact your DoS if you wish to change your examination after you have self-enrolled. 

    What if my course doesn’t allow me to choose my exams? You will be automatically enrolled by the University.

    Where can I find my exam timetable?

    You will receive an Examination Entry Confirmation (ECF) in your pigeon-hole at the start of Easter Term. The ECF is your exam timetable; and includes dates, times, and locations. 

    You must take your ECF with you to all examinations as it confirms your individual candidate number. 

    If you have not received an ECF by the end of April please contact the Tutorial Office ( 

    What should I bring to an exam?

    • Your ECF to confirm your candidate number 
    • Your University ID badge 
    • Arrive at least 10 minutes early

    What should I do if I require exam access arrangements?

    For disability information, please click here.

    What should I do if I feel ill?

    If you are unable to attend an exam because of illness, you must: 

    • Inform your Tutor immediately 
    • Provide contemporary medical evidence 

    Undergraduates: if you are absent from a whole (or part) of an exam, you may be able to put in an appeal for an examination allowance. You should speak to your Tutor as soon as possible. 

    What should I do if there was a problem with my exam?

    If you believe there was a problem with the way an exam was held, an error with the class list, or you wish to appeal your mark, speak to your Tutor as soon as possible. 

    How do I withhold my name from the Class list?

    If you do not want your name published on the Class list, you can apply for it to be withheld on CamSIS. Please contact your Tutor for further guidance. 

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