Deciding whether to change Tripos 

You must talk to your Director of Studies if you are thinking of changing Tripos.  

You should also approach the Director of Studies in the subject you are interested in pursuing to confirm if it is possible to transfer. 

Please note not all requested changes can be permitted. You may only make one application in any academic year. 

When can I change Tripos?

If you are a first year and wish to change Tripos immediately:  

If you have just started your course and have doubts about whether it is right for you, then you can apply to change Tripos by the Division of Michaelmas term. 

If you wish to change into a new Tripos next year:  

A completed application should be with the Tutorial Office no later than the end of Lent Full Term. 

Applications received after these dates will not be considered.

How do I apply to change Tripos


Consider this procedure as a fresh application to studyYou must demonstrate that you have the relevant background and that the change is in your best educational interests.  

  1. Ask your Directors of Studies and Tutor to sign the Request to change Tripos form. 
  1. Put together your application. Include a statement outlining why you would like to change subject, your examination marks, and any other relevant information you would like to be considered. 
  1. Once your form and application are complete you should return them to the Tutorial Office. 

The University has a helpful admissions guide here.

Borrowing papers from another Tripos? 

This procedure does not apply to students who are borrowing papers from other Triposor for Natural Scientists, Medics and Vets who are choosing their Part II. 

Information on selecting Part II will be available in the Lent term, but guidance can also be found here. Speak to your Director of Studies if you need any further help. 

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