Individual study spaces in the main Library and Norfolk Library are still available during lockdown winter 2021, but the 4 teaching rooms are closed. This will place a little more pressure on the individual study spaces. With fewer students on site this term, this may not be a problem. If it is a problem, we will introduce booking limits – please report it to us online if you can’t book a space when you need it.

Tips to help everyone use the spaces fairly

  1. Be flexible. Afternoons and early evenings in the Main Library are most popular, so there will be better availability at other times. If your preferred location is full (main or Norfolk Library), see if the other one has spaces.
  2. Be considerate. Book a space for the exact time you will use it – please cancel your booking if you do not need it after all. If you are surrounded by empty spaces day after day, it’s fine to make lots of bookings. If the spaces around you are consistently full, please take a turn studying in your room so that others can use the study spaces.
  3. Plan ahead. If a space isn’t available on the spot, book one in advance

How often am I allowed to book?

There is currently no booking limit, in order to allow for flexibility in study habits. Some people book study spaces little & often; others like to book a full day once in a while. We will monitor the situation and introduce booking limits if needed.

What should I do if I can’t get a space?

If you try to book a space but are unable to because all 29 study spaces are in use simultaneously, please report this to us online. If we receive frequent reports we will introduce booking limits to allow everyone to have a turn in the study spaces. If we only receive very occasional reports, we will continue to monitor bookings but assume that booking limits are not needed for now.