Awards available to Students in Residence

The College has some funds available to students currently in residence. There is a formal process for applying and regrettably incomplete applications cannot be considered.

If you have any queries please contact the Tutorial Office.

Other internal funding opportunities for Cambridge students can be explored using the following link to a searchable online directory of awards and funds administered by the University, as well as departments, faculties, central offices, other internal sponsors and Colleges:

Awards for Conference Attendance and Academic Related Internships, Travel, Fieldwork and Projects

St Edmund’s Student Support Awards for Academic Travel

These awards are up to £500 and can be used for part-funding or full funding.  In the interests of transparency, please be advised that any successful applicant for an academic travel award must submit a brief account of their experiences to the Senior Tutor. The report may be forwarded to the Development Office and Donor in the case of named awards, as well as included in the St Edmund’s bi-annual Student Research booklet.

Cherry Hume Prize for Science

This is a single award of £500 made in the Lent term to a student undertaking fieldwork or travel in any area of the Sciences. The application process is as for other tutorial awards and is outlined below. The recipient is expected to submit a brief report to the Senior Tutor on their experience which will be forwarded to the Donor.

Cambridge Trust: Conference and Overrun funding for current scholars

Application Process

Applications should consist of a completed application form  together with a  projected budget, receipts or printouts of the anticipated costs, letter of invitation or conference registration or a research outline. Written support will be requested automatically from your Director of Studies (Undergraduates) or Supervisor (Graduates) and your Tutor, provided the correct email addresses have been supplied, once the initial application has been processed by the Tutorial Office.

A sub-committee of the Tutorial Committee meets to discuss applications at the Division of each term (and once in the Long vacation). Completed applications should be submitted by the deadline to the Tutorial Office.

Round Applications to be Submitted by Meeting (week of) Specific Awards
Michaelmas Term 12noon on 4 November 11 November Instrumental Awards date tbc
Lent Term End of Day 5 February 13 February Cherry Hume
Easter Term End of day on 14 May 21 May
Long Vacation End of day 31st August 6th September


Priority is given to students who have not previously applied, students may apply more than once unless otherwise stated.

Funding will not be awarded for food costs.  It is expected that the most economical (overall) routes and accommodation will be chosen.

The College regrets that it is not possible to consider applications from students once they have submitted. The College is also unable to consider applications for proofreading and editing of theses or thesis binding costs.

Awards for Other Purposes

St Edmund’s Student Support Award for Language Courses and academic related equipment

The College has limited funding to assist students wishing to attend language courses. Priority is given to students for whom this is an integral part of their academic course and awards can only be made once. Please apply using this application form  and include proof of the booking and payment.

Similarly, the College has limited funding to help students purchase any equipment they may require for their course of study. Please apply using this application form and include estimated costs or receipts.

Tenth Term PhD Students

For overrunning PhD students, limited help may be available and awards are only likely to be made if matched by the relevant Department or Faculty. Please apply using this application form in consultation with your Tutor, together with the Student Budget Planner and other supporting documents.

Student Support Awards for Hardship

There are limited funds available for unanticipated hardship. Please apply using this form in consultation with your Tutor (who will need to supply a supporting reference once the application has been made), together with the Student Budget Planner and other supporting documents. These will be considered on a case by case basis by the Financial Tutor.  You may also make an appointment to speak to the Financial Tutor.

Awards for Sports, Music and Amenities

The College has limited funds available to help with the cost of sports, arts and other extra curricular activities for those in demonstrable need. Please apply using this application form and include proof of any costs.

College Instrumental Awards

College Instrumental Awards, which are tenable for one year, are valued at £50 per annum. In addition, holders of the awards may claim up to a maximum of £250 per annum for music lessons. The award is tenable for one year and is open to all mature undergraduates and graduate students except organ scholars (but including previous holders of the scholarship). Successful applicants will be expected to take an active part in the musical life of the College and to perform, where appropriate, in College concerts. Applicants for Instrumental Awards will be required to perform a prepared piece or pieces lasting not longer than ten minutes. They should, where necessary, arrange to provide their own accompanists.

Awards are made in Michaelmas Term. If you are interested in applying you may like to speak to the Director of Studies in Music, Dr Martin Parker-Dixon.

Anything not covered above

Please make a case by writing to the Senior Tutor and Financial Tutor together with any relevant supporting documentation and a supporting statement from your Tutor and Director of Studies / Supervisor.

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